Leatherman Wave Serrated Locking Blade

The Wave was the first Leatherman model to use a lever lock. It also had blades that opened from the outside of the closed tool rather than the inside. It was a popular improvement. Most members of the Wave series include a plain blade, plus a fully serrated blade.

Leatherman Wave Blade

The blade on Leatherman multi-tools folds out from the handles, and locks in place when fully open. It is a hefty and solid tool that will cut most materials, including soft metals like aluminum sheeting or copper. The serrated blade is part-way to being a saw, so it works better for cutting rope, bread, and other yielding materials.

Most Leatherman blades are made of 420HC stainless steel, which is a hard steel that holds a good edge. Leatherman blades are tougher than the blades on Victorinox Swiss Army knives, but they are also more likely to become stained or corroded.

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Similar Tools:
  • The Serrated Blade on Leatherman multi-tools is longer, with a different locking mechanism.
  • The Victorinox blade has a different profile, and is softer but more rust-resistant.
  • The Wenger blade is even softer, and more likely to bend than snap.