Wenger Large Blade

Based on the scratches and wear we see on incoming knives, this seems to be the implement that is used most often, by most Swiss Army knife owners. It is a handy sharp edge that can easily cut vegetables, sandwiches, paper, wood, and even soft metals.

WARNING: The main blade on many Wenger Swiss Army knives is non-locking. If you push in the wrong direction, the blade will close into the body (possibly endangering fingers). Be careful when using it with a great deal of force! Wenger does have locking blade models that are safer to use.

Swiss Army Knife Large Blade

Uses: The large blade on Wenger Swiss Army knives has the following lengths (depending on overall knive size:

  • 3" (75mm) knives-- blade is 2" (51mm) long
  • 3 1/4" (85mm) knives-- blade is 2 1/2" (63mm) long
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