Leatherman Drop Point Blade

Most Leatherman multi-tools include a plain drop-point blade, with various types of blade locks depending on era. Leatherman blades range in size from 58mm to 75mm (2.25" to 3"), depending on the overall size of the tool.

Leatherman Blade

The blade on Leatherman multi-tools folds out from the handles, and locks in place when fully open. The locking mechanism varies for each model, but tends to be more solid on the newer ones. It is a hefty and solid tool that will cut most materials, including soft metals like aluminum sheeting or copper.

Most Leatherman blades are made of 420HC stainless steel, which is a hard steel that holds a good edge. Leatherman blades are tougher than the blades on Victorinox Swiss Army knives, but they are also more likely to become stained or corroded.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • The Wave series has a Locking Blade with a solid liner lock. Usually the profile is narrower.
  • The Juice series has a smaller slip-joint blade.
  • The Small Blade on the Micra, Squirt and other small tools is much smaller.
  • The Victorinox blade has a different profile. It is softer but more rust-resistant.
  • The Wenger blade is even softer, and more likely to bend than snap.