Leatherman Pliers

Many Leatherman tools include pliers as the primary tool. It is usually a combination needle-nose and standard pliers, with fine gripping teeth near the tip, and more jagged teeth closer to the pivot.

These pliers are found on SuperTool and SuperTool 200 models from 1996 until 2002. They were preceded by pliers with a larger central hinge, and followed by pliers with "Leatherman Tool" stamped on the handle.

Leatherman Pliers

The Leatherman pliers are full-sized, and can be used to grip, pry or compress just about anything. They are significantly more powerful and useful than the Victorinox pliers. Leatherman pliers range in size from 40mm to 60mm (2.5" to 3.5"), depending on the overall size of the tool.

All Leatherman pliers include soft-wire cutters, which can cut copper and other soft materials. Most also include a hard-wire cutting notch, designed to shear the wire rather than slice it.

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