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  Wenger Adirondack Locking Swiss Army Knife
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The Wenger Adirondack Locking Blade Swiss Army knife is a variation of the standard Adirondack pocket knife that includes a blade lock and release lever.

This pocket knive has been replaced by the Serrated Adirondack and is no longer in production, but it is sometimes available as a used Swiss Army knife.

The Adirondack Locking knife weighs about *** grams (*** oz).


Adirondack Locking Blade knives are full-sized Swiss Army knives (3 1/4" / 84mm). They contain the following tools:

Large Locking Blade


Adirondack-- no blade lock
Serrated Adirondack-- serrated blade, no blade lock
Viking Locking Blade-- no toothpick or tweezers

Click here to order a used Wenger Adirondack Locking Blade Swiss Army knife.

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