Victorinox Pruning Blade

A few Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a curved, straight pruning blade, designed for easier cutting of branches and saplings. The pruning blade is a generally useful tool that you can also use for plenty of other tasks. It works well for whittling, stripping insulation off of wiring, and cutting fiberglass insulation.
Unfortunately, most of the models containing this blade were retired in 2010, and they are becoming very hard to find. Too bad, because it's a very useful tool!

Swiss Army Pruning Blade

Uses: To use the pruning blade, follow these steps:

  1. Grip the branch or sapling in one hand.
  2. Hold the Swiss Army knife in the other hand, with the sharp part of the pruning blade facing away from you.
  3. Push the sharp part of the blade into the branch or sapling just beyond your other hand, and push away from you, cutting into the wood at about a 45° angle. Use a shallower cut if the wood is very tough.
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Similar Tools:
  • The Victorinox belt cutter is a similar curved blade. It's designed to cut seat belts and ropes, but it also works well for pruning.
  • The Victorinox gutting blade is curved, serrated, and about the same size as the pruning blade.
  • This tool is not present on Wenger Swiss Army knives, or Leatherman tools.