Victorinox One Hand Locking Blade

A few models of Victorinox knife include a blade can be opened with one hand (the same hand that holds the knife). The blade then locks securely into position, with a thumb-action release. This blade features a partially serrated edge, and is 3 1/8" (80mm) in length.

Swiss Army One Hand Locking Blade

Uses: To open the one hand blade, hook your thumb into the hole on the blade, and flip it open. It takes some practice to do it quickly!

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • A few 111mm Victorinox models come with a similar serrated locking blade.
  • Some Wenger Swiss Army knives also include a large locking blade with a slightly different locking mechanism, and without the one-hand operation.
  • All of the large Leatherman tools have some type of blade lock on their large blade.