Victorinox Piezoelectric Lighter

The Victorinox lighter is a top quality, refillable butane lighter, with a piezoelectric ignition system that has no flints to wear out or replace. Unlike most lighters, the Victorinox lighter mixes air into the fuel mix before ignition, so it produces a powerful blue flame that can work under all but the most extremely windy conditions
Unfortunately, for safety reasons the lighter was not available for North American users, but it was produced for European sales, and occasionally becomes available on the other side of the Atlantic.

WARNING: For good reasons, single-action lighters are not legal in the US. This tool can accidentally start a fire if the switch is pressed, say in a jacket pocket or backpack. We highly recommend that you treat it as a collectible, and don't actually use it!

Swiss Army Lighter

Uses: The lighter has a simple switch on one end, to turn on the flame. When you first press it, it also produces a strong spark to ignite the butane fuel.
Near the end opposite the igniter, there is also a window so you can check the fuel level.

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This was the only attempt to combine a lighter with a multitool! There is no other Swiss Army or Leatherman tool like it.