Victorinox Letter Opener / Emergency Blade

The Victorinox emergency blade is found on some of the smaller 2 1/4" (58 mm) Swiss Army knives such as the MiniChamp. This tool is also called the letter opener.
The emergency blade is a second small blade that is a little narrower than the regular blade. It has a slight curvature which makes it "ride" better when opening letters. It's also a very effective tool for minor surgery such as removing a splinter or a piece of broken glass-- the tip is well designed for that kind of work, and does a much better job than the regular small blade.

Swiss Army Knife Emergency Blade

Uses: The emergency blade is sometimes just the perfect tool for some tasks where the regular small blade simply won't fit. We'd love to see it on a wider range of Swiss Army knives!
HINT: Many people find that having a second blade is extremely useful-- you can keep one blade very sharp, and one blade less sharp (and then use the duller blade for tasks that would take the edge off the "good" blade).

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • Most small, 58mm Swiss Army knives also have a small blade (aka pen blade) of a similar size, but with a slightly different profile.
  • On larger Swiss Army knives, you can use the slightly larger small blade as a letter opener.
  • Wenger Swiss Army knives also have a Pen Blade with a different profile.
  • Smaller Leatherman tools have a small blade with a different profile.