Victorinox Hook with Nail File

A few Victorinox Swiss Army knife models include a special version of the hook which has a rough spot on one side, designed to be used as a nail file.
This tool was introduced in the mid-1990's.

Swiss Army Knife with Hook

Uses: The file surface is not quite as big as the regular nail file found on many of the smaller Victorinox knives, but its position on the back of the narrow hook often makes it more convenient to use than a flat file.

Found On:

The only other large Victorinox knife with a nail file is the Sportsman.

Similar Tools:
  • The Victorinox metal file also works well as a nail file.
  • Most of the 58mm keychain-sized Victorinox knives include a nail file.
  • Some vintage Victorinox knives had a long file on the rear.
  • Many Wenger Swiss Army knives include a nail file.
  • Some Leatherman tools include a nail file.