Victorinox Divot Repair Tool

The Victorinox divot repair tool is found on Swiss Army knives designed for golfers. It's a two-pronged device that is perfect for spearing a divot and popping it back into its original place.

Swiss Army Golfing Tool

Uses: On the Golfer knife, pull the divot tool out just like any other blade. On the GolfTool, slide the "golf ball" to extend or retract the divot tool. The GolfTool's divot repair tool is wider than the one found on the Golfer.

HINT: If you engage in the traditional marshmallow roast after your golf match, the divot repair tool will hold two rows of marshmallows.

Found On:
Similar Tools:
  • The retired Caddy and Caddy Plus knives have a much smaller version of this tool.
  • Wenger also has a divot repair tool on their Swiss Army knives designed for golfers.