Victorinox Altimeter

A few Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a digital altimeter that runs off a small lithium battery. The altimeter shows the current elevation in both feet and meters, for any elevation from -300 feet (-100 meters) to +18,000 feet (6,000 meters). You can adjust it easily to compensate for temperature and barometric pressure.
The altimeter also shows the temperature in degrees Celsius and Farenheit (range 0° to 140° F, or -20° to 60° C).

Swiss Army Knife with Altimeter
Uses: The altimeter is not simple to use, but Victorinox provides an instruction manual that explains how to set it, and read elevations and temperatures.

Similar Tools:
  • The Traveller includes an altimeter.
  • The Traveller Lite also has an altimeter.
  • This tool is not found on anything from Wenger or Leatherman.