Victorinox Special Mechanic Knife

The Victorinox Techline Swiss Army knife is a standard sized 91mm / 3 1/2" Swiss Army knife, with pliers and a minimalistic set of other tools. This model was sold primarily at Radio Shack stores (with Techline printed on the front in metal foil). This knife never really had an official Victorinox model name, but informally, it has also been called the Special Mechanic and Mechanic Junior.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Techline knife is 91mm (3½") long, about 26mm (1") wide, and 16mm (0.64") thick. It weighs about 81 grams (2.9 oz).
Colors: The Special Mechanic comes in standard red and black.
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The Victorinox Special Mechanic knife contains the following tools:
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  • Compact: scissors and hook instead of pliers, adds pen, pin and mini screwdriver
  • Mechanic: adds second blade, separate openers and awl
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