Victorinox Atlas Knife

The Victorinox Atlas Swiss Army knife is a large, 111mm / 4 1/4" Swiss Army knife. The large blade locks open, and is released with a slide button on the rear scales. This model was retired in approximately 2012, but it still lingers.

Size & Weight: The Victorinox Atlas knife is 111mm (4 1/4") long and 23mm (.9") thick. It weighs about 148.5 grams (5.2 oz).
Colors: The Atlas comes in standard red and black.
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Similar Victorinox Knives:
  • Hercules: adds scissors, second Phillips screwdriver
  • Outrider: scissors instead of pliers
  • Skipper: marlinspike instead of wood saw
Other Similar Knives: Other 111mm Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knives.