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  Victorinox Safari Hunter Swiss Army Knife
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The Victorinox Safari Hunter Swiss Army knife is a large knife that might be considered a precursor to the modern locking blade models.

This model is retired, and is considered a collector's item. It generally came with an imitation stag horn handle.

If you just want a practical large pocket knife with similar features, consider a Hunter knife instead.

The Safari Hunter knife weighs about *** grams (*** oz).


Safari Hunter knives are large Swiss Army knives (4 1/4" / 108mm). They contain the following tools:

Large Blade (3 1/4" / 84mm)


Mauser-- second large blade instead of gutting blade
Hunter-- locking large blade, adds can opener
Safari Trooper-- no gutting blade

Coming Soon-- order a vintage, used Victorinox Safari Hunter Swiss Army knife.

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