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  Victorinox Moving Display
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Leatherman Blast


If you've ever visited a knife store with one of these moving displays, you've probably been mesmerized by the blades opening and closing!

These signs are a classic bit of Victorinox memorabilia.

Click here for a movie of the display in motion.

NOTE-- The display is approximately a Victorinox Climber, but it cheats by having the scissors on the back, and no corkscrew or hook. The model also lacks a toothpick and tweezers, presumably because customers would injure themselves when trying to use them.

The Victorinox moving display stands almost exactly one meter tall (39.5"). The knife body is about 16" / 400mm, which makes the whole knife display about 4.5 times the size of a regular Swiss Army knife.


The moving display includes tthe following implements, all in oversize metal-coated plastic:

Large Blade

Not available for sale.