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  Victorinox Locksmith Swiss Army Knife
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The Victorinox Locksmith Swiss Army knife is a handy, large knife with the perfect complement of tools for working with locks and other metal objects. It includes a metal saw and a wood saw, plus the usual assortment of multi-purpose blades.

The Locksmith knife weighs about *** grams (*** oz).


Locksmith knives are large Swiss Army knives (4 3/8" / 111mm). They contain the following tools:

Large Locking Blade


Jumpmaster-- belt cutter instead of metal saw
Ranger-- adds scissors, pliers and a few other tools. Smaller knife (3 1/2" 91 mm)
Trekker-- no metal saw
Workchamp-- adds pliers and corkscrew

Click here to order a new or used Victorinox Locksmith Swiss Army knife.

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