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  Victorinox Huntsman Retired Color Swiss Army Knife
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The Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife is the most popular of the large, 4-layer pocket knives.

In addition to its current colors, the Huntsman has been available in ruby, blue, white, stayglo, and possibly other colors. Pricing for each color is determined by its rarity.

The Huntsman Retired Color knife weighs about *** grams (*** oz).


Huntsman Retired Color knives are standard sized Swiss Army knives (3 1/2" / 91mm). They contain the following tools:

Large Blade

Some other variations of the Huntsman SWISS ARMY KNIfe

Huntsman-- standard red, black, or sapphire scales
Huntsman BSA-- adds Boy Scout logo
Huntsman Camo-- camoflage scales
Huntsman Plus-- adds pen, straight pin and small screwdriver


Camper-- no scissors or hook
Climber-- no wood saw
Fieldmaster-- replaces corkscrew with a phillips screwdriver
Hunter-- a longer-bladed knife (4 3/8" / 111mm) with a similar set of tools
Mountaineer-- replaces wood saw with a metal saw
Rainier-- serrated blade (retired and rare)
Ranger-- adds metal saw and fine screwdriver

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