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San Francisco 49ers Classic SD Knife
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Carry your love for the San Francisco 49ers everywhere (except airplanes) with this Classic SD Swiss Army Knife with the 49ers logo.

The Classic SD is extremely compact and convenient, with five useful tools in a "keychain" size knife that is smaller than your pinkie finger. It is by far the most popular Victorinox knife.

The San Francisco 49ers Classic SD knife weighs about *** grams (*** oz).


San Francisco 49ers Classic SD knives are small Swiss Army knives (2 1/4" / 58mm). They contain the following tools:

Small Blade

other versions of the Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army knife

Classic SD Football-- logos of other NFL teams
Classic SD Baseball-- logos of MLB teams
Classic SD Colleges-- logos of major colleges and universities
Classic SD Corporations-- logos of major corporations
Classic SD-- no logos, available in many different colors

Click here to order a new or used San Francisco 49ers Classic SD knife.

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