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Wenger Can Opener

The can opener on modern Wenger Swiss Army knives includes a hook that fits under the lip of the can, and a very sharp blade used to cut into the top of the can.

Unlike the Victorinox can opener, this blade does not include a screwdriver. You might be able to find a few other uses for it, but the main thing it is good for is opening tin cans.

The Wenger can opener seems more efficient than the Victorinox can opener, since the sharp part of the blade is longer, and extends to the very end of the blade.

The trick is to puncture the can with the sharp part of the blade, and then move the blade towards you by about 3/8" (8 mm) so the tip of the blade is at the end of the cut-- then slice again. Keep a firm grip on the knife and the can, and keep slicing equal-sized segments until you have gotten most of the way around the perimeter of the can.

WARNINGS-- The can opener tends to leave a jagged edge on the can, so keep your fingers away from the cut edges when emptying the can and disposing of the container and its lid! In fact, use caution when opening and closing the can opener blade itself, since it has a very sharp point that can severely injure your hand.

Older Can Opener

Some older Wenger Swiss Army knives have a smaller, squarish can opener blade.

It seems harder to use, though we haven't opened many tin cans with it.