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I Lost My Favorite Knife!


I lost my favorite knife to confiscation at the airport! Can SmartKnives help?


If you lost a plain old Swiss Army knife with no distinctive markings, there's no way we'd ever be able to identify it among the many thousands of NTSA confiscated knives we handle every year. About the best we can do is to sell you a similar knife in similar condition. Check our knife selector to identify the type of knife.

If your knife had your name or initials engraved on it, there's a small hope you'll be able to locate it. Our inventory system can't keep track of individual knives, but when we sell named knives on eBay, we list all the individual names or initials in the item description (we also list smaller company names).

You can use eBay's Favorite Searches feature to have eBay look for auctions with your name or initials in the description. You can also have it automatically send you an email message when there is an auction that includes it. That way you'll be able to spot your knife in our listings, when it appears.

NOTE-- There may be a delay of months or years between the airport confiscation, and when it appears on eBay!

We only see a small percentage of the 1,000,000+ knives that are confiscated at airports every year, so you might also want to try eBay auctions, to see if your personal knife shows up there.

The following eBay sellers handle large volumes of NTSA airport confiscated knives:

  • bouldercitynv-- Nevada airports (plus some other Southwestern states)
  • kysurplus-- Kentucky airports
  • ncssp-- North Carolina airports
  • oregontrail2000-- Oregon airports
  • pastatesurplus-- Pennsylvania airports (plus some other Northeastern states)
  • scgovtsurplus-- South Carolina airports
  • stateofal.surplus-- Alabama airports
  • washington-state-surplus-- Washington airports

Even if you don't want to bid on a large lot of knive confiscations, you can probably contact the buyer after the close of the sale.

HINT-- Many of the unlisted states sell their confiscated items at local auctions. Some of those buyers may list knives individually on eBay, though it can be challenging to track down a specific knife.