Leatherman MiniTool Metal File

The Leatherman MiniTool includes a very short metal file, which also can be used as a screwdriver. It has serrations along one edge, so you can also use it as a metal saw.

Leatherman Metal File

The Leatherman metal file has fine cutting grooves on one side, and coarser ones on the other, with serrations on one edge to use as a saw. The file is made of hard steel so it can cut through soft steel, and softer metals. You can also use it to cut or smooth wood, and other soft materials. It will not work on glass, ceramics, or hardened steel: those materials will dull the file very quickly.

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Similar Tools:
  • Leatherman Squirts have an even smaller metal file.
  • Many large Leatherman multi-tools have a larger metal file.