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Leatherman New Wave

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Used Leatherman PST (Personal Survival Tool)


The Leatherman New Wave tool is an improved version of the Original Wave. It includes updated versions of many tools, including the pliers, scissors, and can opener.

There are also some fundamental design changes. Instead of having separate regular and Phillips screwdrivers, it contains two bit drivers with reversible ends. The locking system for the fold-out tools is improved. There is also an added safety feature that prevents the straight and serrated blades from being folded out while the arms of the tool are open.

The New Wave was introduced in 2004, and is still in production today. It is available with production dates of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

NOTE-- If you want a larger version of the Wave, check out the Leatherman Surge. Click here for a side by side Wave vs Surge comparison.

The Leatherman Wave 2004 weighs about 238 grams (8.4 oz)


Wave 2004 tools are large-sized Leatherman multi-tools (4" / 100 mm open, 6 3/10" / 160 mm closed). They contain the following implements:

Pliers and Wire Cutter


Leatherman Charge Ti-- titanium body, similar tools
Leatherman Surge-- larger body, larger scissors, no wood/metal file
Leatherman Wave-- replaces bit drivers with 2 screwdrivers and a Phillips screwdriver

Click here to order a new or used Leatherman New Wave tool.

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