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Leatherman Super Tool

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The Leatherman Super Tool is an expanded version of the original Leatherman PST (Personal Survival Tool) that comes in a larger size, with two additional tools. This model was introduced in 1994, and retired in 2004.

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The Super Tool was replaced by the Super Tool 200, which in turn was replaced by the Core. However the original Super Tool is still available in used condition, and it's still a great tool, and a very popular collectible. The price of the Super Tool has been increasing in recent years, but it's still reasonable enough that you can actually buy one to use.

The Leatherman Super Tool is built entirely from stainless steel-- it contains a large set of pliers (combination needle-nose, regular pliers and wire cutters), plus ten supplementary tools (5 folded into each arm of the pliers).

Some people prefer the original Super Tool to the newer Super Tool 200 and Core, since it's significantly lighter, and simpler in its design.

The Leatherman SuperTool weighs 248 grams (8.8 oz).


Leatherman Super Tools are large-sized multi-tools (4 1/2" / 115 mm when folded, and 7" / 180 mm when opened). They contain the following blades and implements:

Pliers with Wire Cutter
Ruler (9" / 220 mm)


Core-- identical tools in a more modern format. Hollow-ground screwdrivers.
PST-- no wood saw or serrated blade, smaller size
Super Tool 200-- adds sliding lock release, rounded tip on serrated blade


Victorinox Craftsman-- smaller pliers, adds chisel and hook
Victorinox Ranger-- no pliers or ruler, adds hook and corkscrew
Victorinox SwissTool-- separate bottle & can openers

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