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Leatherman Super Tool 200

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The Leatherman Super Tool 200 is an improved version of the original Super Tool-- the largest multi-tool offered by the Leatherman company. It adds a rotating thumb-action blade lock, rounded handles, and a rounded tip on the serrated blade.

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This tool in turn was retired, and replace by the Leatherman Core.

The Leatherman Super Tool 200 is built entirely from stainless steel-- it contains a large set of pliers (combination needle-nose, regular pliers and wire cutters), plus ten supplementary tools (5 folded into each arm of the pliers).

Without a sheath, a Leatherman SuperTool 200 weighs about 265.9 grams (9.4 oz). That makes it the second-heaviest Leatherman (surpassed only by the Leatherman Core).


Leatherman Super Tool 200s are large-sized multi-tools (4 1/2" / 115 mm when folded, and 7" / 180 mm when opened). They contain the following implements:

Pliers with Wire Cutter
Ruler (9" / 220 mm)


Core-- diamond file instead of standard file, square tip to serrated blade
PST-- no wood saw or serrated blade, smaller size (retired)
PST II-- no wood saw or plain blade, adds diamond file and scissors, smaller size (retired)
Pulse-- no wood saw, serrated blade or large screwdriver, adds scissors (retired)
Super Tool-- no sliding lock release, sharper tip on serrated blade (retired)

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