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Leatherman Pulse Tool

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The Leatherman Pulse tool is retired and no longer made by Leatherman. It is is still available in new or used form.

The Pulse is a simpler and smaller version of the Super Tool 200, with a slightly different set of tools. It is one of the rarest of the retired Leatherman models, and it sells as a collector's item at a premium price.

NOTE-- As a functional pocket tool, the Pulse is a better value than the other "collectible" Leatherman tools, and you might still want to carry one, rather than put it away in a display case.

Like the Super Tool 200, this model includes a positive blade lock for each tool, plus two curved levers for unlocking the tools and blades after you are done with them, so they will fold back into the handles. The Pulse folds up into an extremely compact shape, when you are finished with it.

Pulse tools are large-sized Leatherman tools (4" / 100 mm) with four tools folded into each arm.

They weigh about 161 grams (5.7 oz)


Pulse tools contain the following implements:

Pliers with Wire Cutter


Blast-- adds wood/metal saw, small bit driver
Core-- no scissors, adds serrated blade and wood/metal saw
Flair-- another collectible model
Kick-- no wood/metal file or scissors
Sideclip-- another collectible model
Super Tool 200-- no scissors, adds serrated blade, wood saw and large screwdriver

Click here to order a new or used Leatherman Pulse tool.

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