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Leatherman Flair Tool

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The Leatherman Flair is the ideal multi-tool for picnics. It features a variety of implements perfect for opening a bottle of wine, cutting cheese, and spreading mustard or mayo. It also features an unusual bottle and can opener combo tool that is found in no other Leatherman tool, plus some useful tools for any type of repair.

NOTE-- Many of the used Flairs that we get in show signs of use in construction, or other non-picnic trades. So maybe you'll end up spreading epoxy or roof cement with the spatula, instead of peanut butter!

The Leatherman Flair is built entirely from stainless steel-- it contains a large set of pliers (combination needle-nose, regular pliers and wire cutters), plus ten supplementary tools (5 folded into one arm of the pliers, 3 folded into the other arm, and 2 attached to the outside of the arm).

NOTE-- Because of their unusual features and attractive design, the Flair and SideClip are probably the most collectible of all retired Leatherman tools. We work hard to track them down in used condition, and occasionally still find them as a new, boxed item.

Without a sheath, the Flair weighs 154 grams (5.5 oz), so it's extremely light for the tools that it includes.


Flair tools are large-sized Leatherman multi-tools (4" / 100 mm when closed, and 6 1/4" / 162 mm when opened). They contain the following implements

Pliers and Wire Cutter


PST-- no scissors, cocktail fork, spreader knife or corkscrew. Adds file. Blade is not serrated.
Pulse-- another collectible model
Sideclip-- another collectible model


Victorinox Handyman-- corkscrew, large blade, screwdrivers, pliers and many other tools
Victorinox Picnicker-- corkscrew, serrated blade, bottle and can openers, awl

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