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Leatherman e302/e303 Knife

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Leatherman e302/e303 knives have an attractive skeleton pattern to their nylon shells. Apart from that, they are the same as the c304/c305 knives.

They have a comfortable nylon handle, and a 420HC stainless steel blade with a blade launcher and a locking liner. The e302 has a straight blade; the e303 has a half-serrated blade. They also feature medium and Phillips screwdrivers.

The e302 and e303 were retired in 2009, when Leatherman introduced the Expanse and Crater series of knives. They are still often available in new or used condition.

The Leatherman e302 and e303 weigh about 111 grams (3.9 oz).


Leatherman e302 and e303 knives are about 99 mm (3.9 inches) long when closed, and have a 71 mm (2.8 inch) long blade. They contain the following tools:

Straight Blade (c302)
Bottle Opener/Carabiner Clip
Half Serrated Blade (c303)
Locking Liner
Phillips Screwdriver Blade Launcher
Medium Screwdriver Pocket Clip


c304/c305-- no skeleton pattern shells
c308/c309-- aluminum shells
e300/e301-- no screwdrivers
e304x/e305x-- 154CM blade, no screwdrivers
e306x/e307x-- 154CM blade, bit driver instead of screwdrivers

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