New Other & Mint:

This grade includes new knives without packaging, or in distressed packaging. It also includes slightly used knives in "mint" condition. In either case, the tools, blades and handles are still shiny and very close to new. There may be very slight signs of handling. It might be "shop wear" from customers, or fondling by a previous owner. The NKCA would call this mint condition.

Blade and Tool Condition:

All of the blades and tools on a New Other & Mint knife will have their original mirror finish, with no visible scratches or wear. Frequently the tools still have their original factory oil!

Blade Snap and Movement:

New Other & Mint knives move freely, and have the same "snap" as a new knife.

Scales and Body:

New Other & Mint knives show a minimum of scratching and wear on the exteriors. There may be very faint scratching on the plastic scales, but they are still mostly shiny. There is no corrosion or damage on the liners (the spacers between blades). The knife interior still looks new.