Grade A Swiss Army Knives

Blade and Tool Condition:

The condition of the blades and tools in our A grade knives vary, but they are all in excellent condition.

Most A grade knives still have their original shiny finish, with little or no signs of wear, similar to the example above.

Some may have a few scratches from use, similar to the example above.

Blade Snap and Movement:

A grade knives still have excellent blade "snap". That means the blades will spring to the fully open or fully closed position with an audible click, which indicates that the blade moves freely on the springs, and pivots with almost no friction.

NOTE: Because of the way the springs and blades are designed, some of the blades have less blade snap than others. For example, the can opener and bottle opener will usually not snap as well as the large blade. Several tools also share each spring, so blade snap may be reduced when other tools are already open, and spring tension is reduced.

Scales and Body:

A grade knives with standard Cellidor scales will nearly always have "pocket wear" on the scales, usually in the form of many small scratches in the material. However they will not have any serious gouges, holes, cracks or gaps in the plastic shells. Knives with ribbed alox or matte nylon scales typically show little or no wear on the scales.

A grade knives have little or no corrosion or damage on the liners (the spacers between blades).