Grade C Leatherman tools

Grade C Leatherman tools

Our C grade used Leatherman tools are fully functional knives or multitools that have serious cosmetic flaws. This is the lowest grade that we sell.

Blade Condition:

Here are some examples of blade flaws in grade C knives:

This blade has a broken tip. It probably lost about 13mm (1/2") of metal.

This blade was sharpened many times, so it has a shorter profile than the original. It is possible that the original owner shortened it deliberately to save weight, or because they found the original saber tip to be too stabby.

This is about the worst blade we'll accept for a grade C. Worse than this and they are used for parts, or sold in a bulk lot of damaged items.

Other Tool Condition:

C grade Leatherman tools will nearly always show wear on the screwdrivers and other tools. It may consist of scratching and rounding of edges, or twisting on the screwdrivers (especially the smallest one). The damage will not affect tool performance.

Almost all C grade pliers show significant wear on the pliers teeth. They will still grip, but not as well as a new tool.

Blade Snap and Movement:

Grade C Leatherman blades and tools move freely, but they may have significant wobble or friction. Most Leatherman tools do not snap. Those that do still operate in a grade C tool, although it may not be as well as a new tool.

Scales and Body:

Grade C Leatherman tools usually show scratching and wear on the body, whether it is stainless steel, aluminum alox, or some other material. For the aluminum body Leatherman tools (Juice and Squirt), there is usually significant damage to the original finish. There may be scratches, dents, and/or large areas of finish that is worn off. It won't affect the tools functionality, but it will generally look like that tool has seen some hard use.