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Victorinox Scissors

Many of the Victorinox Swiss Army knives include a set of scissors.

The larger (3 1/2" / 91mm) Swiss Army knives have a medium-sized pair of scissors with a maximum opening of about 1 1/8" (29 mm).

The total length of this tool from handle to tip is about 2 5/8" (67 mm).

All of the Victorinox scissors include a small return spring, which makes snipping go much more smoothly. Because the spring is attached directly to the scissors handle, you can use the scissors in any position. The blade locks into place when in the fully-open position, but you can also use the scissors when the blade is only partly extended.

The most popular Victorinox model with large scissors is the Climber Swiss Army knife.

Scissors Maintenance

The Victorinox scissors don't need any specific maintenance, although you might want to put a drop of oil at the pivot point about once a year (use a light mineral oil).

If the spring breaks, replacement springs are inexpensive.

You can use the scissors on paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, plastic and other soft materials. Don't use it to cut wire or sheet iron, or you will quickly dull the blades.

Other Scissors

The smaller Swiss Army knives from Victorinox include a smaller set of scissors.

If you want a stronger return action, consider the Wenger Swiss Army knife scissors (which use a return arm instead of a small spring).

If you want a hefty pair of scissors, consider one of the Leatherman tools.