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Victorinox Orange Peeler

The Victorinox orange peeler is found on a few of the largest 2 1/4" (58 mm) Swiss Army knives such as the Minichamp.

It's a small tool with a notch and a sharp edge on one side of the notch that slices when you pull on the tool.

The peeler tool works extremely well for peeling oranges-- just poke it under the orange rind, and pull it along to slice the rind without cutting the orange itself.

The orange peeler on the Victorinox Swiss Army knife also includes a sharpened portion at the end that makes a good scraper-- for example, for cleaning debris out of the grooves in wood mouldings, or crud out of the inside of another Swiss Army knife.

The peeler is surprisingly useful for various random tasks that no other blade can handle, and it would sure be great if Victorinox added a similar "back-blade" tool to the bigger knives (maybe instead of the hook, hint hint).

Other Orange Peelers

The Victorinox Executive Swiss Army knife includes a broader orange peeler with a larger scraper at the end.

There is no orange peeler on any of the Wenger Swiss Army knives or Leatherman tools.