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Victorinox Hook

The hook on Victorinox Swiss Army knives is found mostly on newer, larger knives that have more space on the back than can be filled by the awl and corkscrew. This tool was first introduced in 1991. Most models contain a standard, plain hook. However, a few models include a special version of the hook that also includes a nail file.

Victorinox added the hook to many of the larger models with 4 layers or more, and did not change the name of the knives after doing so. Because of that, for many models we offer both the modern versions, and the older, "original" hookless versions of these models.

It's a good, sturdy hook. The official use is as a package hook, to turn your knife into a handle that will help you to carry a parcel that is wrapped in string.

You can also attach a string to the hook, and turn your Swiss Army knife into a plumb bob or a fishing lure, or use it to pull a thread or line through a tight spot.

The smallest Swiss Army knives that includes the hook is the Climber (some earlier versions of the Compact also had a plain hook, though that model now has a hook with